Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Monday, was nasty nasty cold.  I felt totally happily miserable...because that's how you're supposed to feel when your in Eastern Europe.   So I walked around in my head scarf feeling miserable and giggling about it.  Yes, I am crazy.  
Tuesday, I woke up and everyone was gone.  So I had the whole apartment to myself.  I decided this was the perfect opportunity to practice my vocab lists for Russian because no one was around to laugh at me.  So I sat in the kitchen saying Russian words to myself over and over and over again.  I learned 60 new words.  Then I went to school and taught the kids about Groundhog's day.  The 'h' is very hard for them to say so most ended up saying 'groundpog' some even started calling it a 'groundpa' and got themselves really really confused.  But most of them thought it was a bear though I tried to explain it was like a rabbit.  Igor was really funny because we were talking about how groundhogs live in the ground like rabbits and he said "Rabbits no live in the ground.  Rabbits live in water."  I think he thought it was a frog.  So we started having this big fight over where rabbits live.  Finally I drew a rabbit and he consented that they live in the ground.  That night, Natasha and Styopa were both gone, and while their mom was away, Vanya and Sasha were partying.  They played music really loud.  And Sasha sat and talked with me the whole time I ate dinner which was really long since I'd been given a huge plate.  We talked about all sorts of stuff.  She has to memorize an English poem for class (Rudyard Kipling...I'm glad they aren't that mean to us...) so I helped her with that which was really fun.  Oh yeah I forgot to describe our adventures that morning...
Megan and I needed to get money to pay for our trip so we went to try to find an ATM.  Anna (Megan's host mom) said there were 3 behind my house so we went there.  The first one didn't actually have any money in it.  The second one had this totally scary guy with a gun in front of it and I just wanted to run but Megan said let's try it.  So we walked up there...the dude moved his gun and said something in Russian...and we ran away.  The third one was being serviced.  Finally we went to the grocery store (gastronom) and found one.  While we were there, I got a lion bar (delicious) and a bread cake thing shaped like a rooster (very Ukrainian...not so delicious).  Then we started looking for places to get Euros.  There are 1000 money changing stations in our area...none of them had Euros...I don't know what they are actually used for but it's not money changing.  But I got really good at asking "У вас есть юро?"
Anyways, today...I went to the art museum that is free the first Wednesday of the month.  It was way cool  They had some serious names and a huge exhibit on Eastern art with some way cool Muslim paintings of people.  Probably my favorite was the Winter Scene by Pieter Brugel the Elder's studio.  Then I taught.  In one class we had extra time so we made a card for Megan who is sick today.  They were way cute because they were so excited to write the letters even though most of them didn't know how they looked.  It's a way cute card.  Well, that's the story from Kiev.

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