Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wednesday, I went home with Misha and Vanya.  It had snowed that morning.  Vanya and Misha had gone out first so as I came around the corner I scooped up a handful of snow.  They'd had the exact same a half hour snowball fight ensued.  Misha came home with us and asked me to play darts with him.  I whooped him (140 to 20) in 3 turns so he quit playing.  He asked me why I never played games with Vanya and I said "Because Vanya always has to do his homework."  He said that wasn't true so I sat down with Vanya and started playing chess.  3 minutes into the game, we hear, "Ваня, ты должен делать уроки!" (Banya, you have to do your homework!)  I gave Misha a very meaningful look.  
Thursday, I found out I was switching to Elementary which is going to be a pain.  And they have been teaching them all wrong.  So it's going to be a big big pain.  Megan and I went to the store and bought пломбыр (really creamy ice cream) to drown our sorrows in.  
Friday, I worked on lesson plans all morning.  I got to talk to my family!!!!  That was the biggest excitement of the day.  That night, I ate some delicious potatoes with mushrooms and kapoosta and I talked to my host mom about whether or not I will stay with them after the baby comes in March.  After that we had a full out tea with break and jam, chocolate, and lemons in sugar (my favorite teeth rotter).  I worked on my talk for sunday.
Saturday, I worked on lessons, talk, Russian, and made postcards (they don't actually have them for sale here).  Then I got to eat varenki (like pirogies) with farmer's cheese in them.  They were divine!!!  I have to figure out if they are possible to make in the US.  Later, Megan called and asked if I could come over and play games.  We played some Russian game with him only kind of explaining the rules.  Then we taught him Egyptian Ratscrew and Vanya came over and played with us.  Then we played Chinese checkers.  I totally creamed Vanya, making up for his winning at Chess.  Then the babooska fed us omlettes with potatoes and sour cream.  Then Megan and I recorded English listening excersizes.  I got to be Harrison Ford and use my manly voice.  I laughed really hard at all the mistranslations in our dialogue and wondered if my Russian book is the same.  
About this time, the dedooshka walked in and said, "Добрый вечер!"(good evening)  So I said,  "Добрый вечер!'  He looked at me in amazement and said "Ты говоришь по русски?" (You speak Russian?)  I answered "Только немношко."(Only a little) and he started going off about how I was amazing and Megan didn't know any Russian and it was really frustrating and I started to get really lost.  He showed me his fish he was pickling and told me that he was going to go put it out on the balcony and tomorrow it would be delicious.  And I started to be really afraid for Megan.  So anyways, now I have a old Russian man for a friend.
The next morning, I was so worried about over sleeping I was waking up all the time.  Finally at 6 I let myself wake up and work on finishing writing out my talk.  Then I started to get ready for church and Styopa woke up and came in.  When I was ready to go, he decided to help me get dressed.  He passed me my scarf.  I said, "Спасибо, что ещё нужно?"(thank you what else do I need?).  He pointed at my hat. "Шлапа?" (hat)  "Да."  I put on my hat and said "Ах, хорошо." (Very good).  Then he pointed to my scriptures. "Ой, сумка?" (oh, my bag?).  I got him to help me lift it.  Then I actually went to leave and he was way mad.  Megan and I got on the metro and there was almost no one else on.  By the time we got to the second to last stop, the last man got off.  I looked up to the next car and there was no one in there.  I looked back to the car behind and there was no one.  I whispered to Megan, "We are the only ones around."  She was kind of sleeping.  So I got up and ran from one end of the car to the other and spun around in circles and made a complete fool of myself.   It was awesome.  Then we got to church, I was called as a Primary Worker.  Then I did a miserable job giving my talk.  You'd think I would have gotten better but I'm afraid not.  Then I found out I'm really the nursery leader.  So I went to nursery.   After church I went to the Muller's for Hawaiian haystacks and chocolate chip cookies.  Yum American food.  Calvin asked me to play chess with him.  We played two games.  The first I beat him really quickly.  The second he was in check almost the entire time but I just didn't have the heart to tell him so we played down until he had just his king and I had my king, queen, and two pawns and were at a stale mate.  It was really cute.  Then I went home and had soup with bread crumbs (one of my favorite meals here).  Natasha played the piano, and I danced with Styopa.  Then I was reading a book with him and he peed on me, darn little kid.  Because I had been so nervous, I went to bed really early and I felt kind of bad, but I think I paid my dues been peed on again.  
Monday, Audrey (one of the morning teachers) got sick so I taught allllllllll day long!!!!  Ugh.  I taught elementary too.  UGH UGH UGH!!!!!  We will have to see if I can survive them.
Tuesday was fun.  I stressed out all morning about Elementary.  Taught.  And then went to Romeo and Juliette, the ballet.  Tickets were $1.25...for the Russian the most amazing's like the best ballet in the world and I only paid a dollar twenty five!  To think I used to get excited over $2 tickets at BYU.   I sat in a different seat every act though (we should have bit the bullet and paid the $3 for the really good seats).  Though it was kind of fun to move around.  And my last seat was actually really really good.  When I got home, my family was kind of ticked off because it was 10:45 and they usually go to sleep at 10:30 so Sasha and Vanya had had to stay up.  Vanya gave me a look that was berating but also one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.  He is so cute.  He showed me where the left overs were for my dinner.  I heated them up and had a very Ukrainian moment when he handed me the ketchup and I thought, "I don't want this, where's the sour cream?"  Sadly, we are out of sour cream so my Ukrainian condiment urge had to go unfulfilled.  

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