Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Costume

So for halloween I was Yelena Prikrassnaya from the Russian fairytale the Firebird. My costume was made from a sheet I got at a DI. I borrowed a sewing machine and sewed it. It's based on the traditional Russian sarafan. It went together really quickly so it's not that great--example...the hem. But oh well. Then I embroidered firebirdish things on the front. I think they're pretty cool though the silver thread was a pain to use. Then I sewed ribbon on the straps. The crown (kokoshnik) was made out of craft foam and bead that I sewed on with the wire I took out of the ribbon. Total cost of my costume...$5...and I look oh so cool!

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Sarah said...

Oh so THATS how it's spelled.

I know from whom you got those pictures :-P