Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm going to really try to keep this short.  I went home with Vayna and we had some great discussions.  Volodya was waiting for me to say something in Russian all night, but I had nothing to say sadly.
The next day, Vanya was in my room really really early (probably finishing his homework).  I turned over in my sleep and scared the living daylights out of him.  Megan and I went to Lavra to paint and we walked around the side and saw some cool new parts of it.  It was really deserted because it was so early in the day and we were in a deserted area.  We walked through this forested area and came up to this church on the corner of Lavra.  I kept thinking this is unreal.  I'm walking through a forest in Ukraine.  After a bit more exploring, we settled down to paint.  Then we heard something and we saw this procession coming with crosses, icons, and stuff.  One lady stopped and talked to me and Megan.  I couldn't understand her at first but after a minute I figured out she was saying that "Stand and follow us."  We didn't have any head scarves or skirts otherwise I think we would have gone.  Then another guy came by and said "Христос Воскрес!"  I totally blanked on the answer so I just nodded and said "Да, да."  It was totally awesome.  We had a bunch of people ask us for direction or the time so we must have looked pretty Ukrainian.  I went to the school and got a bunch of letters.  Igor, Tanya, and Larissa were all drooling over my cinnamon rolls.  Which I can't blame them for since they did smell, look, and taste amazing.  
Friday, was in Natasha's words, "Today you remember always."  It started out like anyother day, playing with Stypoa.  I went to the school and found out game night was cancelled which was really sad because I'd gotten permission for Vanya and Misha to go with me.  I played Accident de Train with Maintenance.  It went pretty well.  Then I broke the news to Misha and Vanya.  They were both bummed and suggested we just stay at the school.  So we did.  We played games, looked at Misha's music videos, and I burned my whole palm.  I call it my map to the well of souls because it really covers my whole left hand.  I kept trying to play with them despite my hand though my temper was getting short towards the end because they kept getting mad at me for being slow. when I had to play cards with one hand.  We took the bus home and it took along time so I was almost crying when we got home.  I was still trying to be though and I managed pretty well until Natasha heard I had burned my hand and asked to look at it.  She freaked out at Vanya for not making me come home right away and then she got out some cream and had me put it on.  It hurt so bad I started crying.  Vanya freaked out.  He kept saying "it's okay, it's okay."  But I think it was as much for himself as me because you could tell from his face that he was freaked to see me cry.  Then he came back a few minutes later with chocolate for me and Sasha got out my bed because I couldn't do it myself.  I stayed up and worked on my Kiev movie.  I already feel homesick for Kiev when I watch it.  I'm going to miss my family so much.  I don't think it would be so bad except that I know that when I leave, I probably won't be able to go back to see them.
I woke up the next day and Styopa wanted to play albom but I couldn't really draw with my left hand so I got to pen out and started drawing with my right hand.  Natasha came in and saw what I was doing.  She said she wanted to make me something.  She made potato pancakes that we're delicious.  Then I left and went to the train station for the biggest frustration my entire time in Kiev.  Then we went to Piragova and had a great time.  It was a gorgeous day.  When I got home I was fed constantly and Volodya instructed me on how to touch hot objects.  Then Vanya tried to convince me to stay with them until Agust and go to Egypt with them.  It was really funny because he only knows his months in Ukrainian so he had to keep running in and asking what month it was in Russian and the he'd run in and tell me.  Then we watched Soviet cartoons.  My favorite was Карлсон и Малише about a man with a propeller on his butt who was fueled by jam.  It was rather incredible.  
Sunday was stake conference which was awesome because our stake is trilingual.  So one prayer was in Russian (and I understood most of it) while the other was in Ukrainian.  Half the hymns were in Ukrainian.  And all of us we listening to english translation on the headsets.  There was actually also a group watching Russian sign language.   It was pretty amazing.  We also found out that President Ukdorf and Anderson are coming to Kiev on temple business on May 28th so I'll get to see them!  Then we went to the Mellers for dinner and I got to talk to Erin and Annie on the phone which was really really fun.  When I got home, my family told me we were going out for pizza.  Styopa in a restaurant was crazy but it was really really fun.  That night Vayna was waiting for me to watch cartoons with him but my family called so he ended up just making pathetic faces at me while I talked to them.  I asked if he wanted to talk to Emily and he said, "No!"  and ran from the room.  He was afraid she would make fun of her. 
Monday, Maintenance was my best class.  We made a movie called Criminal Graffiti starring Misha.  Then I went home and wrote in my journal while Styopa drew.  
Tuesday, Natasha tried to persuade me to stay with them until July so I could go to the моря with them.   Seeing Styopa at the sea would be awesome.  Then I made fruit pizza with the kids.  It was pretty cool.  I'm totally counting down the days of Maintenance.  I finished reading Screwtape Letters and started Til We Have Faces.  C S Lewis is the man.  
Wednesday, nothing exciting happened until the evening, then I went to Taylor's house for his birthday party.  It was really fun to see where he lived and have great Ukrainian food and hang with the Pozniki teachers.  We did some crazy things like jumping over a fire and playing round the world ping pong.  It was awesome.  

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