Friday, March 20, 2009

Okay, I'm going to attempt to keep this short.  Basically, the big news is my host mom had a baby!!!!!!   It was really weird when it happened because Natasha finished cooking dinner, called us all in and then we started eating and she said, "It's so sad that we're all here and I have to leave but that's life.  Poka!"  I turned to Sasha and said, "Where is going?  To the store?"  She said, "No, to the hospital."  "TO THE HOSPITAL?????? As in the woman is having a baby???"  "Yeah."  I was aghast that she was in labor and finished cooking dinner and then took a marshuka to the hospital.  Vova put everyone to bed and then left in the car, I assume to meet her.  The next morning Vanya announced "We have a brother!"  That evening Natasha was home and I got to see the baby.  He's adorable.  We don't have a name for him yet.  Vova wants Valera. Natasha want Timosha.  Styopa calls it Anton.  Sasha calls it Slava.  Vanya wants Yura.  My vote is Yaroslav Vladimirovich Zhdanov though Vanya said we should name it Annilyn but I said that's not a boy's name.  
I made a quilt on a duck tape and boards frame.  All of the frame came from dumpster diving.  One piece I think might have been a hoe used by some peasant at the time of Prince Vladimir.  It turned out really well.  The baby now sleeps under it.
Styopa has been way way cute.  I'm going to be sad to leave him when we go on vacation next week.  He and I have found a new game, Баба Яга! (baba yaga) one of us is Baba Yaga and scares the other one.  His real Baba came over and he said "Baba, Baba!" and started making scared faces.  She was all confused until I said, "Baba Yaga?"  and he said, "Da".  Zina said, "Я не Баба Яга, я твоя хорошая Баба!"


Deedles said...

Wait...your host Mom was pregnant, you didn't know and she didn't tell you??!!? hahaha, I cannot tell you how much I love reading your blog! Also, thanks for the compliments, I am happy my application for Media arts is in. I was happy with my video although the quality on my site isn't very good :-\
Anyways, oyasuminasai tomodatchi

Deedles said...

So...Jocelyn and I just found out that it was you who were following my I had no idea about your other user name.