Thursday, January 22, 2009

Teaching Kids

Teaching has gotten better.  We're starting to figure out which kids go well together and which kids to keep apart.  I have a couple of favorites.  Andrew is a problem child because he's really smart and his parents know English so he's ahead of all the other kids and gets bored but when he is well behaved he is a joy to have in class.  Artiom is way way cute when he wants to do something because he will fold his arms and then jump up and down saying "Pvick me!  Pvick me!  I vant to do eet.  I being goood."  Nastya and Anya are both adorable little girls that are very well behaved.  Barvara is way cute too though she doesn't speak very much.  Sviat is the cutest kid in glasses ever.  Ilya works well with certain kids and badly with others but when he's good he's golden.  Our biggest problems are actually not the hyper kids because they usually lead the other kids in speaking and if you can channel the hyperactivity it makes our job a lot easier it's the kids who are tuned out.  Alice, Anya, and Ivan are all off in their own Russian world so that the English can't penetrate so we can't get them to do anything with us.  And it's weird because they can speak when they are plugged in they just rarely are.  But "iz fun" as they say.  They all have the most adorable Russian accents.  So it's a constant struggle but it's fun.  I'm loosing my voice from talking so much though.  Three hours of constant talking is hard stuff.  As for adventures, Tuesday the morning teachers all went into the city to wander.  We went down souvenir street which was way cool and took the funicular back up.  Then we went to a cafe for hot chocolate and then went to the Branch President's to watch the inauguration of Obama.  The next day the papers had a picture of Obama with the caption "новый пресидент америки" which was cool to see.  Wednesday, I waited at the school so that I could go home with Meagan, Vanya, and Misha.  The two boys were showing us the fast way home because we had aparently been going ridiculously out of our way to get on the metro and then walk to the school.  It was quite an adventure to be led through the dark streets of Kiev by two 11 year old cousins.  Wow.  But the way is a lot faster so I am indebted to them.  Then I had an awesome dinner of kasha, sausage, and vinegrette (beets, onions, and other vegetables cut up with vinegar on them soooo good).  I got to take my third shower here!  It was awesome.  Today  I think I'm going to go to the store and then go into Kiev to see some of the monuments.  I've finally figured out how to really use my guide book so that should be good.  Thanks for all the comments, it's really encouraging to know I have friends back in the US! 


Ang said...

How cool to read all about your adventures. I am so impressed and in awe of you. You are going to see miracles your entire life because of the great work you are doing right now. I'm serious. Your influence is already reaching far and wide. Thank you for letting me know about your blog, so we can follow your adventures here. You are amazing and we love you. Keep the good stuff coming!
Love you,
aunt ang

Sherri said...

Your news and descriptions are wonderful!! Keep up your good work. Thanks for sharing, your experience is a blessing to more than just you and the kids you teach, but also to all who are lucky enough to be able to read about it and be inspired by it!

Jocelyn said...

Annilyn I love reading your blog! It is so intense! It's so so good to hear that you're happy and you're helping the awesome little kids! Oh, and I wanted to ask, what does "новый пресидент америки" mean? Because it looks like, "Hobbit picked apumpkin." I like hobbits and all, but I fail to see how they relate to Obama. :) Anyways, I hope you have a good day! You're amazing!

Ron Schill said...

What a great experience for you! And you are now the third generation Schill who is off creating your own adventure and doing things outside of your comfort zone !!! I know what you mean having taught for three hours straight. You wonder when the voice will return. Have fun exploring Kiev. I hope to be there sometime in the future and want your suggestions on what to do and see> Love ya! Grandpa Schill

Sarah said...

Annilyn, I miss you. But being able to wear your totally awesome hat whenever I please does help somewhat :-). Keep us updated!